HEFAS @ De Anza

Featured Latino Leadership Grantee

The Higher Education for AB 540 Students (HEFAS) Resource Center at De Anza is the only student-run program of its kind with a mission to provide resources and support that reduce financial stress and create a safe learning environment for undocumented/AB 540 students. It empowers undocumented and other low-income students to pursue a higher education by promoting leadership development, social justice and advocacy on key issues that impact them and their families. The Center was conceived of by a group of student leaders in 2011 and opened its doors in 2013 to provide students with access to counselors, peer mentors and tutors and resources like printing, textbooks, computers/calculators, testing materials, and educational workshops, as well as information on scholarships, financial aid, and relevant legislation. HEFAS students engage in leadership and advocacy on issues affecting undocumented students locally and nationally.

Grant Application

Interested applicants should register online to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) as the first step in the application process. If your organization meets our eligibility criteria and your project aligns with our strategies, you will receive an email invitation to complete the online application.

Next Application Deadline

New! Beginning July 1, 2017 the foundation will only consider grant requests during two grant cycles a year in the fall (August - October) and spring (February - April). The specific due dates for each cycle will be posted at least 30 days in advance of a deadline.