Focus Areas & Strategies

The Foundation supports local organizations that address our focus areas with the following strategies that positively impact the lives of Latinos in Santa Clara County, especially Latinas and youth.

Educating Latino Youth (especially low-income, at-risk or incarcerated youth)

  • Summer bridge, mentoring and tutoring programs.
  • Out-of-school programs that improve reading, writing and math skills.
  • Scholarship programs that promote retention and follow up.
  • Programs that foster parent/family awareness and knowledge of college requirements, academic supports, and academic socialization of their children.
  • Programs that encourage learning, address the education deficits of these youth, and provide social service supports for their families.

Latino Arts & Culture

  • Community-based arts and arts education programs for youth.
  • Capacity building to help Latino arts organizations sustain, expand or improve arts programming.
  • Latino artists and performances.

Latino Leadership & Diversity

  • Support leadership development programs, especially those that target Latinas and youth.
  • Increase the ethnic diversity of local non-profit boards.
  • Create or expand paid internships for Latinos.

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